Our priority is to facilitate the direct and timely delivery of critical emergency and humanitarian resources to communities impacted by conflict, war, or disaster. Our organization is made up of a unique combination of military, academic, and civilian personnel who share a strong conviction and duty to respond. We have unique access and connections that enable us to directly deliver to harsh environments that are outside the reach of most organizations.

Heal-Corp invites you to be a part of an organization that not only knows what is needed during a crisis, but has the boots on the ground to get it directly where it needs to be. Currently our focus is on the war in Ukraine and securing vital resources for both military personnel and civilians. The people we support are in dire need of medical supplies, and therefore, cash donations are most appreciated so we can leverage our provider networks to get the items needed at the best price, where and when it is needed. No donation is too small because it all adds up. Think about your daily regimen to keep yourself healthy and functioning and then imagine not having access to it for even one week. Every single dollar will be put to work. We have a logistical task force at the ready to enable us to directly deliver these supplies to the people who need them.

Thank You
Larry J Mynar

What We Do


Whether it is a sudden emergency or an ongoing crisis, Heal-Corp works to aid people in need around the world.

Medical Support

We supply medical equipment, personnel  and medical supplies to people in need around the world.


We deeply value education and strive to provide the best training and pass on the most crucial skills necessary to save lives.

Field Hospitals

One of the unique ways in which Heal-Corp provides medical support to the parts of the world that need it most, is by installing and operating field hospitals to treat patients and casualties. Heal-Corp’s team of highly skilled and well equipped specialists have the ability to operate a multi-disciplinary hospital and provide aid in virtually any field of medicine. Safe evacuation is also key to successful operations, that is why we provide our own evacuation services by using the best equipped armored and soft skin vehicles.

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