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Every day, Heal-Corp helps people  survive and thrive. Your gift will help us continue to lift children, women and families out of poverty. Your donation goes directly to help those who need it most.

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Heal-Corp invites you to be a part of an organization that not only knows what is needed during a crisis, but has the boots on the ground to get it directly where it needs to be. Currently our focus is on the war in Ukraine and securing vital resources for both military personnel and civilians.

The people we support are in dire need of medical supplies, and therefore, cash donations are most appreciated so we can leverage our provider networks to get the items needed at the best price, where and when it is needed.

No donation is too small because it all adds up. Think about your daily regimen to keep yourself healthy and functioning and then imagine not having access to it for even one week. Every single dollar will be put to work. We have a logistical task force at the ready to enable us to directly deliver these supplies to the people who need them.


Russia has invaded Ukraine in the biggest state-against-state attack since World War II. Millions of civilians are caught in the middle of an escalating war and humanitarian crisis, and casualties are rising. Your donation to this fund will support Ukrainians in need, with a focus on the most vulnerable, including children


Full-scale war in Ukraine is having catastrophic consequences. More than 4 million people have fled Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion. Millions more are displaced within the country, making this the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe. Eight years of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine had already created a humanitarian crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is an added challenge for communities where violence and uncertainty takes a heavy toll


All donations to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. HEAL-CORP's local partners are bringing relief to terrified and displaced communities, and they need resources to continue their life-saving work.

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