Heal-corp in Turkey

The current death toll in Turkey and Syria stands at an estimated 50,000 people, including aid workers. An estimated 13.5 million more have been affected by a huge earthquake which struck southeastern Turkey, near the Syrian border in February.

The earthquake was closely followed by numerous aftershocks – including one quake which was almost as large as the first. Unfortunately, this disaster will continue to have widespread consequences including a large scale refugee crisis and ongoing medical and psychiatric needs.

As we speak, the Turkish authorities are working hard to address the consequences of the earthquake. We continuously maintain communication with the Director of Health for Istanbul Municipality to help deal with the emergent needs stemming from the earthquake.

Heal-Corp stands with the people of Turkey and Syria who not only need immediate assistance, but will require continued help in the coming months as they’re facing overwhelming devastation on all levels, from medical needs, to rebuilding homes and infrastructure.

HEALS current mission focus on advice from authorities is setting up a Field hospital in Samandang AO, as the only hospital in this region was destroyed. We are also addressing processes to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Cholera; which can and do ravage large temporary camps and add to the suffering.

We are hosting a fundraising campaign to help those suffering from this terrible tragedy. We also accept and deliver in-kind aid donations with sincere thanks.


Support Us and Change the Course of a Life Today!

Heal-Corp invites you to be a part of an organization that not only knows what is needed during a crisis, but has the boots on the ground to get it directly where it needs to be.

The people we support are in dire need of medical supplies, and therefore, cash donations are most appreciated so we can leverage our provider networks to get the items needed at the best price, where and when it is needed. No donation is too small because it all adds up. Think about your daily regimen to keep yourself healthy and functioning and then imagine not having access to it for even one week. Every single dollar will be put to work. We have a logistical task force at the ready to enable us to directly deliver these supplies to the people who need them.

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