Who We Are

We Are United in Our Dedication to Helping People.

HEAL:  Health, Education And Liberty Corp
We are currently focusing our support on Ukraine.

Heal-Corp is composed of Disaster Medicine Doctors, Academics, Trauma Surgeons, Emergency Medicine Trainers, Former Military Field Medic veterans (trained at all levels of medical care / experienced in multiple conflicts), alongside Ukrainian and International civilian support.

We have been active in Ukraine since April 2022, regularly consulting with Ukrainian Government Ministries and Medical professionals, assisting with lifesaving front line support, delivering Medical and TCCC Training, as well as consistently moving large scale Humanitarian Aid, including Medical, PPE and MREs.

Who we are

Heal-Corp understands that basic health and education are critical to any civilization, and that the liberty to thrive is a basic human right.

Our board members have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills, including work in the military, business, non-profit and humanitarian organizations.  Our active members have expertise in logistics, aviation, construction, and medicine. Whatever the call may be, we count among us people who know how to answer it.

Our values

Social Responsibility

Heal-Corp is committed to helping people in difficult situations by providing medical care during disasters and wars. The organization is willing to risk their lives to save others and believes that social responsibility should be a top priority in their work.


Heal-Corp aims to provide high quality medical care, therefore, places a high value on professionalism. All employees in the organization must receive regular training and professional development so that they can be confident in their abilities and ready to respond to any situation.


Heal-Corp strives for efficiency in its work to help as many victims as possible. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our processes and delivery of medical care so that it can arrive on the scene as quickly as possible and be as efficient as possible.

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